Old things I’ve rewatched that I still enjoy / now dislike

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      Been rewatching old Jon era Game Grumps from over 11 years ago and I just gotta say the 2 of them are so intolerant of each other’s opinions and sound so uneducated it’s infuriating. Jon is an idiot, and Arin’s constant nagging of people’s enjoyment about games and how games should be designed is aggravating.

      Also nothing drives me more insane than when someone says their opinions are “objective”, it’s a fucking game. I play games to compensate for the time between the chapter in my books before bed.

      Now Arin has cornrows and can only win boxing matches with people 100 lbs less than him who give up mid match and Jon still hates black people. Apple is smelly

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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