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    There’s something magical about the music in Ocarina of Time that I don’t think many other games out there right now get. Been recently revisiting the OST and… Shiek’s theme really reminded me just how sincere the music sounds because players often forget we’re playing a lad who is forced to grow up to smite evil with its bane. The same blade that once sealed away the Tri-Force of Power in seeking courage. I think the game still holds up. I don’t like the excuse some people have made over the years that “the graphics were good at the time” when visually speaking the sprites bring a lot of character and charm that cannot be denied. When I was younger I never could decide who I liked more, Saria or Malon. Because both really like Link, Saria a close friend and Malon who definitely has the hots for Link dreaming of having him sweep her off feet. Yet tragically, for a lot of characters they meet fates that are most unkind. Be it from time or the tragedy that struck onto Hyrule once Ganondorf took over. There’s a lot of little things too that really make the world lived in even if we don’t usually see the characters eat. It’s a sort of time capsule that really captures the innocence of childhood and puts into it the sorts of challenges one must take to become an adult. A real coming of age story that is timeless revolving around a protagonist who must traverse between both states of body and mind to save Hyrule from complete destruction under the tyranny of Ganondorf. Then there’s Ganondorf himself, this guy is nasty. In the time you are an adult to witness what he’s done to the world you once explored as a child has a powerful contrast that I don’t think gets appreciated much these days. Castle Town is in ruin as redeads linger in its place as the few residents who got away fleeing into Kakariko Village. Then there’s the Lon Lon Ranch that was completely taken over with Malon begrudgingly taking Ingo’s orders. Lake Hylia is completely frozen over with its residents frozen in place and the king encased in red ice. Most tragically the Kokiri Woods is no longer safe to walk in with all of its residents hiding as Deku Scrubs and Big Deku Baba surround the place. It’s dark and goes places that it takes quite a bit of time to really absorb what he did over the course of 7 years, really making the journey of defeating the evil he has thrust onto the world all the more satisfying. It’s a classic in every regard. There’s some fun side activities like how you can obtain the Ice Arrows in Gerudo Valley doing one of their challenges, which allegedly Ganondorf himself conquered once before. And the Ice Arrows, while they don’t freeze water like in Majora’s Mask, they can freeze the bosses like with Bongo Bongo or the moving spikes you see in various dungeons. The level of exploration which gets rewarded is nice. Though I still prefer Majora’s Mask I cannot deny what a wonderful experience Ocarina of Time is with much more to learn still to this day. So many little details that managed to get fit onto a 64 MB cartridge, yet few games these days ever feel like that level of care gets put into it. Then there’s Majora’s Mask being made within just a year after Ocarina of Time. I could talk for hours about just how meaningful they’ve made both the residents and gameplay related to them. But even so, the day and night cycle set in Ocarina of time is still an impressive feat for the N64. I’m glad to have played both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask at such a young age because I feel like it is really one of those games that you really get to appreciate the level of imagination and wonder put into it. Be it how fierce some of the bosses are or how courageous Link himself is for facing off against so many horrific things to save the respective lands from going into complete doom and ruin.