End of Year Wrap-up

Hiiii Everyone!

I just wanna take a moment to shout out all my incredible fans, and supporters. The love y’all have given me throughout the year has been nothin’ short of amazing. Honestly, there’s been a lot of rough patches, and without you all i’d be done for 😅!

As always, thanks to @KoiAnimations and @Anor3xia for helpin’ me with the comics, and inspiring me to even start ’em. A Dream Cum True and Wild Ride has been way more successful than I’d ever predicted, and that says something because I was lowkey afraid they’d be taken poorly LOL. I also wanna thank my bestie @Endeneka for always having my back, even during the rough days .

I also wanna give a big THANK YOU to all the fans, as well as @LordMoku, for supporting the newer mini-comic! Y’all know who you are, and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. Your love and dedication mean the world to me. Along with that, you all like the 3d stuff i’ve been putting out, which means the world because it’s something that i really enjoy doing.

As we step into the new year, I got some big goals in mind. I’m dead set on finishing my first game. So, y’kno get ready for that. But, of course, I’m also gonna be makin’ more comics, more exclusive art, and some more valuable stuff that keeps you comin’ back for more.

I gotta say, I’m feelin’ confident in my art now. Each and every day, I’m learning, growing, you know, all of that. I thank you all for liftin’ me up and pushing me forward. Y’all mean the world to me.

Thanks for reading, be safe everyone 🧡